Friday, July 3, 2015

Week One in the MTC -June 10, 2015

My District -Week One

Hello everybody, 
I will say right now that don’t mind my grammar spelling, capitals and punctuation.  if that letter i already sent dint get there, then it will sometime... it basically says i have two companions, i already took two dork dots... yes karyssa i did get that sweet little letter, mom your muddies are great!!! and the one letter that says your family loves you just got here today.  Wednesday is my p day. I am the district leader as of last Saturday, and my sweet little district is pretty great, 9 members.  my companions are elder Lee and Alley, Lee was home schooled till he started college at age 16... Alley is 20 and has already studied russian for a few semesters.  In my district, we are the only elders, and I am the only one who hasn’t been to college... we got a "commendable"  on our room inspection, and finally, russian is hard. like what the ... what did I get myself into?!?  I am assigned to get the mail, so send what you will, stamps are nice, but there is everything at the mtc store.  dear elder is probably the fastest other than email, and I am probably getting sick...
I love you all so very much, I wish you the best. and wish to hear from yall soon thanks for your support...
Elder Colvin

Friends-  (tell all the soon to be "noobs" (new missionaries) to not expect any spare or alone time at the mtc.  or the rest of your mission,)
Grandparents- thank you for card i will try to get back 2 you soon as can.  
Tell the ward that now all my talks will be given in russian in my branch.  I am running short on time, we only have an hour, but tell all family and close friends hello and be happy 

From Brandon...  :D!

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