Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week Two Email -June 17th

This is my sweet little district... that was this morning
Elder Lee, Me, Elder Colvin, Elder Alley (We are all companions), Sister Foote, Sister Graham, Sister Larsen, Sister Nielsen, Sister Hullinger, and Sister Thomas from left to right.  they are good and i like them...
Reed Carter should be at the MTC today. I'll be sure to steal his dork if I find him. (A dork dot is the dot the give to the new Elders on their first day.)
I got 5 temple names done today, I did Jakob Moser's son, Jakob Moser (jr.)  
Question- So what is the schedule of a missionary in the MTC like?
Answer- well it keeps you busy.
Question- So Brandon, are you getting used to being called Elder?
Answer- I get called all sorts of things, Elder Colvin, Старейшина Colvin, President Colvin, and my favorite, Just "Leader" Colvin... definitely interesting.  (and Старейшина is pronounced starr-eesh-ina) but otherwise so far, yeah. i love you sooo much, and look forward to next week.  gotta go.

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